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ASK's corporate vision

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ASK's corporate vision

1. Long-term goal planning:

Through the joint efforts of a generation of ASK people, we will build ASK into a leading enterprise in the field of lead framework. Through the joint creation of all ASK people, we will cultivate excellent ASK enterprises together, realize the pursuit of great cause together, share the glory of excellent ASK, reflect the value of life together, enjoy a beautiful life together, and strive to create a high-tech enterprise in Ningbo.

2. Recent industrial target positioning:

In the outline of Made in China 2025, integrated circuit has been as the national key support and development of the emerging industry, and our company is the most basic industry of this industry, we will take this opportunity to expand to the related fields based on lead frame plating technology. We are diversifying in areas where we have strengths, including the multi-row, promising DFN and TOLL integrated circuit frameworks, while module development is our top priority. We HAVE BUILT a nickel and phosphorus electroplating line, B2B point gold plating line, currently there is no domestic enterprises involved in these fields, these will bring unlimited development space for the company to explore the market.

3. Positioning of regional development objectives:

Based in Ningbo, facing the whole country, towards the world.

4. Management and cultural target positioning:

Create a successful model from joint venture to modern company; Form the situation of management output and enterprise culture output.

5. Social responsibility target positioning:

Committed to creating a contribution to the society of green, integrity and environmental protection enterprises.