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For a long time ASK has made continuous efforts in environmental protection

Release time:09,13,2022   Readings:337


For a long time, we have made continuous efforts in environmental protection work, and the wastewater treatment has achieved qualified discharge, which has been approved by the local environmental protection department. However, a strong sense of social responsibility drives us to strive for higher goals. We have set up a technical team within the company. In addition, Capacitive Deionization (CDI), the most advanced water treatment technology in the world, was introduced to remove electrical substances (such as copper, nickel, silver ions and salt) from water by Capacitive adsorption using double electric layers on the surface. At that time, the waste water will be turned into recyclable clean and qualified reuse water, so as to achieve the goal of zero discharge of completely green waste water treatment, and truly realize the company to become a highly responsible and environmentally friendly production enterprise